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"A Casual Weekend Thing" Cover Art

Cover art? Cover art!!!! I have cover art! This is the draft cover for my upcoming Dreamspinner Press release, by cover artist Brooke Albrecht. I love it, but I am also a little freaked out that the book is coming out in two months and I haven't even begun to tackle that whole "promoting your novel" thing.... 

And I appear to have written a suspense novel. This was supposed to be a blog about romance-oriented stories. But it is a romantic suspense novel, it really is. Or rather, it contains lots of sex and emotional entanglements. 

Now to figure out the nuances of Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and the rest of the social media world before the release day sneaks up on me.

My Fantasy Mess: A Woman Writing M/M Fiction

So, my rambling, convoluted fantasy mess is finally seeing the light of day. This story started out as random pre-teen attempts at fiction. I began writing it, with a female protagonist, at age fourteen. I had just finished reading something or other by Raymond E. Feist, and it opened my eyes to the wonder of the fantasy genre. The story became a sprawling work, covering hundreds of pages across five different incarnations, and it never felt right. It was, in fact, the story that convinced me I cannot write about women (or magic, dragons, sorcery, elves, fantasy creatures, or magical weaponry, but that’s a whole other issue). A lot of straight women who read and write m/m fiction argue that it's all about sex. They'll insist that reading m/m fiction is a voyeuristic activity, and that they prefer to focus on the alpha male figure and they don't want to bother paying attention to the female character at all. Obviously, if you're titillated by an alpha male, two are b…