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Pins and Needles and Demon Pastry Chefs, oh my....

Note: This post was supposed to have published last night, but I must have done something wrong because it didn't go public, and instead my blog feed got all screwy. So, for any email subscribers who received an old post, I am very sorry! I messed up:) Hopefully I've got this Blogger thing figured out now!

Pins and Needles Is Finished!!! Yes, I am finally back to writing! Being uprooted every couple of years makes my depression and anxiety worse. I used to be able to bounce back after a month or two; this time it took almost 10 months and some soul searching. 
And two complete rewrites of Pins and Needles, because it turned out my hero Sean was totally in love with his adoring best friend. I was trying to push him into an enemies to lovers plot with a cop, and he wasn't having it.
While the manuscript is still under consideration with Dreamspinner, here's the tentative blurb:
Nate Delany is eager to show his father he’s a capable trial lawyer, but after two years at his…