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Pins and Needles is Coming in July, 2017!

This story's been through so many iterations... I think I've written over 400k words trying to get it right. It went from contemporary, to murder mystery, to paranormal, back to murder mystery, and finally ended at suspense:)
So excited to share the un-official (editors make me less long-winded) blurb:
Nate Delany is eager to show his father he’s a capable trial lawyer, but after two years at his father’s firm, he learns that his supervisor has been sabotaging his career and passing Nate’s work off as his own. When his father refuses to listen to him, Nate walks away. After two months in the hospital, the last thing former petroleum engineer Sean Wilkinson wants to deal with is the settlement offer the oil company keep trying to force on him. He’ll never be able to work in the career he’d counted on, his education is all but worthless, and his surgeons are pessimistic about whether or not he’ll ever walk again. He needs someone in his corner, but most lawyers take one look at h…