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Pins and Needles

Tattoo artists, prosthetic limbs, engineering accidents, oh my. What started as a sweet romance about finding a second chance had devolved into.... yeah, a murder mystery. 

An Orphan, A Faith Healer, a Con Man...

Jory has been subjected to a lot of labels in his life. Some, like 'Queer' he embraced with pride. Others, like 'Fraud' and 'Con' he was saddled with by the FBI and police. But at the moment, the only label he actually wants is 'Pastry Chef,' no matter how many times the crazy-hot man in leather who keeps coming into the shop for his pumpkin cookies calls him a 'Demon' instead.

Least Likely Partnership, Book 4

Christopher seems to have orchestrated a homicide from two thousand miles away....

Title Pending...

An always professional Marine drill instructor is mortified when his pregnant wife finds out he's cheated on her with another man. When she vanishes, he assumes she just needs time to forgive him. Months of searching for her and trying to balance his duty to the Corps end horribly when she shows up on his door step and informs him their daughter had been adopted by a family on the far side of the country, and she wants a divorce. Desperate to get his daughter back, he embarks on a daunting legal battle, butting heads with the sexiest adoption lawyer he's ever seen in the process. 


  1. I just recently watched a show about the appalachian trail and thought, oh a m/m story set there would be simply great!
    And voila, here it is. Can't wait to read it!

  2. I Just finished A Casual Weekend Thing and am looking forward to more :-) thank you Karen

  3. I just finished A Casual Weekend Thing as well. A pleasant change to have both a crime and romance novel in one.

    In recent times they are more difficult to come by and this was one was really well done one. Thanks and I can't wait for Ray & Elliott.

  4. I will admit to devouring "A Casual Weekend Thing." I will also admit that I neglected some proofreading because of it, but that's what weekends are for, right?!
    Love, love, love this book. Went on your Amazon profile, was dismayed to find no other books by you there yet. I hope to see some soon -- no pressure, of course! :-)


  5. hi have we a date for ray &. Elliot's Book , hey pushing my luck here but how about an extract from their book, can't wait to read it. will chris. &. Douglas be in it ..thanks

    1. No date yet... But I'll post news and updates as it comes together.

  6. hi, I find it hard to believe. acwt. was your first published book ,it's brill,,, you have a gift ,, the proof Is in the pudding as they say ,also the fact that & I am ready to pre order lol I have like a lot of people ,been checking here daily for more IMF , I can't wait to read their story ,,that is a story that has to happen ,,

  7. what about the title changes. as it applies to changes for both men in the story

  8. I am so happy to see that you are working on a book with Ray and Elliot, I have just finished your fantastic A Casual Weekend Thing and was hoping against hope that this was the beginning of a series. We really don't know what happened to Doug and Christopher and I'm sure I'm not alone wanting to know how they end up also.

  9. Im so excited!! I cant wait!!!

  10. Just finished A Casual weekend thing and enjoyed it so much immediately went to see what else you have written. Can't wait for your next book. Really pleased to see you are writing Ray and Elliot's story.

  11. Love, Love, loved, Holding Out for a Fairy Tale, as I was about to read book # 3, I realized that I'd forgotten some of the details of a, A casual Week-End Thing, and just re-read it. It's still a 5 star book. Please,do you have an estimate of a release date for book # 4.
    Love your writing and your characters are so real.

  12. Hi AJ,

    I just reread (again!) The Way Things Are. I can't tell you how much I enjoy that book. Do you have a sequel planned, with Corbin as the main character this time?


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