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DIY Treadmill Desk? Not My Best Plan Ever...

With school just starting here in Monterey, I can't be lazy anymore. No more late mornings, putting off laundry, or making do with popcorn and various snack products for dinner because I want to write just a little more. No more pretending watching the Lord of the Rings with my kids could count as their reading time, either.

When I tried to get back into the normal swing of things, I discovered everything I did wore me out. Getting groceries left me exhausted. Walking to pick up my kids left me dragging my feet. Did I have the energy to write? Hah! I didn't even have the energy to read the words I was typing. Part of my fatigue is just the every day reality of living with an autoimmune disorder, but a bigger part of it is that I've been sitting at a desk, or on a couch, for twelve to fourteen hours a day, every day, for a long time.

Inspired by the occasional human interest piece about how sitting is slowly killing us, I started researching treadmill desks. The first, and …