Pins and Needles Paperback Giveaway!

Pins and Needles officially releases on August 25th! It's been scary counting the days until Pins and Needles is finally available. The fact that so many awesome books have come out this August makes it a little easier to escape the reality that I, as usual, suck at marketing.

It turns out I've also go no talent when it comes to finding homes for paperbacks. Giving books away, though... that I can do.

As usual, I'll provide free shipping and the giveaway is open to readers world-wide. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below for options to enter!

The truth is rarely seen on the surface, and getting to it might mean digging deep….

After a devastating accident and a long stay in the hospital, the last thing petroleum engineer Sean Wilkinson wants to deal with is the settlement the oil company tries to force on him. He’ll never be able to work in his field again, his education is all but useless, and his surgeons are pessimistic about whether he’ll ever walk again. H…

Pins and Needles is Coming in July, 2017!

This story's been through so many iterations... I think I've written over 400k words trying to get it right. It went from contemporary, to murder mystery, to paranormal, back to murder mystery, and finally ended at suspense:)
So excited to share the un-official (editors make me less long-winded) blurb:
Nate Delany is eager to show his father he’s a capable trial lawyer, but after two years at his father’s firm, he learns that his supervisor has been sabotaging his career and passing Nate’s work off as his own. When his father refuses to listen to him, Nate walks away. After two months in the hospital, the last thing former petroleum engineer Sean Wilkinson wants to deal with is the settlement offer the oil company keep trying to force on him. He’ll never be able to work in the career he’d counted on, his education is all but worthless, and his surgeons are pessimistic about whether or not he’ll ever walk again. He needs someone in his corner, but most lawyers take one look at h…

Pins and Needles and Demon Pastry Chefs, oh my....

Note: This post was supposed to have published last night, but I must have done something wrong because it didn't go public, and instead my blog feed got all screwy. So, for any email subscribers who received an old post, I am very sorry! I messed up:) Hopefully I've got this Blogger thing figured out now!

Pins and Needles Is Finished!!! Yes, I am finally back to writing! Being uprooted every couple of years makes my depression and anxiety worse. I used to be able to bounce back after a month or two; this time it took almost 10 months and some soul searching. 
And two complete rewrites of Pins and Needles, because it turned out my hero Sean was totally in love with his adoring best friend. I was trying to push him into an enemies to lovers plot with a cop, and he wasn't having it.
While the manuscript is still under consideration with Dreamspinner, here's the tentative blurb:
Nate Delany is eager to show his father he’s a capable trial lawyer, but after two years at his…

Free M/M Novella!

My free novella exists!

The World in His Eyes Larry is a flirt and a sweet guy under a bit of swagger. He is tired of one night stands and wants to find a real relationship but he has a hard time staying away from the hook-up sites. Because… sex. Larry feels the sting of being rejected automatically because of his race. But he still has a positive attitude and rolls with the punches. He won’t ignore elephants in the room, however; which sometimes leaves people uncomfortable.

“Beautiful eyes” is a snarky, young, driven professional who won’t be guilted into making a connection. He isn’t even looking for Mr. Right… but he likes Larry’s open face and broad shoulders and is charmed despite himself. Will “Eyes” give Larry a chance when his friends (or colleagues, family) seem less than enthusiastic? Can he grow up enough to accept a relationship that requires some work and commitment?

Can Larry set aside his patter and flirtatiousness enough to let “Eyes” see the sensitive guy hidi…

Goodreads M/M Romance Group Project Update!

I've spent the last couple months caught up in finishing a FREE story for the Goodreads M/M Romance group's annual Don't Read in the Closet event!

This project was lots of fun. If anyone's not familiar with it, you're essentially challenged to write a story in response to a photo prompt. This one (thank you Kimberly for the fun prompt) was mine, along with the challenge of writing a 'We met on Grindr' happily ever after:

It was too cute to pass up, and it was a chance to finally write a contemporary romance without a bad guy! I also got to play with making my own cover art for the first time, which turned out easy thanks to the beautiful photo provided by Strangeland Photography. Now it's finally done and submitted, along with the beautiful cover below. Once the story is posted to the Goodreads group, I'll post download links and I'll do my very best to make it available for free on Amazon!

Now I just need to get back to actually writing novels…

The Intersection of Purgatory and Paradise is Available Now!

Available from: AmazonDreamspinner, and other major ebook sites.

Technically, it was available this morning. Still, it officially exists! Doug and Christopher's HEA! More or less...

And I'm late announcing it, but I'm going to pretend I got this done first thing in the morning.

It's spring break here, so camping and hiking had to happen somewhere between writing, promo, and the six birthday parties the minions were invited to over their holidays. I honestly didn't think I'd be putting this post together until tomorrow, so that's lucky at least. I came back a day early because the littlest minion ran into some stinging nettle three miles from the trail head and our car yesterday. It turns out a backpack, water for 4, snacks for 4, and a whimpering 4 year old covered in cortisone is all I can carry.

Now I get to spend the weekend working on Pins and Needles and treating shin splints. The pain is totally worth it, though:)