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Giveaway Winners!

The Contest is Over!
It's is 8:04 PST! The giveaway entry period is officially over! 

Congratulations to our four winners: Penumbra, Zora, zeoanne, and Humsini Murali! I will be sending out emails here shortly, and if any of the winners don't get back to me within 48 hours, I will draw another number from the hat. 

And now I can stop pimping this giveaway on my other stories around the internet and get on with this daily writing thing. 

Cyclic Violence – Drawing Inspiration from the Darkness

A Casual Weekend Thing Release Day!


I'm Giving Away Four Signed Paperback Copies of A Casual Weekend Thing!

Today I had one of those Why didn't I write a novel I can tell my conservative family and neighbors about? moments—on an international level. All because of giveaways. Giveaways seem to be the thing to do when you jump into publishing for the first time. Blog tours are lots of work and require a lack of shyness, so that was out. I have enough trouble updating this once every couple months. But I finally signed up for a Goodreads account! I thought it might be my giveaway salvation.
I sat there looking at Goodreads giveaways all morning, rehashing warnings about giving m/m erotic stories away to people who a) might be minors, although there's a check box that might, theoretically, prevent minors from entering, or b) might be horrified to receive a book that includes explicit sex between men. (I've watched my dear sister-in-law go through the list and click on absolutely everything without looking at the cover art, much more reading the blurbs, so I know it happens...)
I had…