Saturday, August 22, 2015

Free M/M Novella!

My free novella exists!

The World in His Eyes

Larry is a flirt and a sweet guy under a bit of swagger. He is tired of one night stands and wants to find a real relationship but he has a hard time staying away from the hook-up sites. Because… sex. Larry feels the sting of being rejected automatically because of his race. But he still has a positive attitude and rolls with the punches. He won’t ignore elephants in the room, however; which sometimes leaves people uncomfortable.

“Beautiful eyes” is a snarky, young, driven professional who won’t be guilted into making a connection. He isn’t even looking for Mr. Right… but he likes Larry’s open face and broad shoulders and is charmed despite himself. Will “Eyes” give Larry a chance when his friends (or colleagues, family) seem less than enthusiastic? Can he grow up enough to accept a relationship that requires some work and commitment?

Can Larry set aside his patter and flirtatiousness enough to let “Eyes” see the sensitive guy hiding?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Goodreads M/M Romance Group Project Update!

I've spent the last couple months caught up in finishing a FREE story for the Goodreads M/M Romance group's annual Don't Read in the Closet event!

This project was lots of fun. If anyone's not familiar with it, you're essentially challenged to write a story in response to a photo prompt. This one (thank you Kimberly for the fun prompt) was mine, along with the challenge of writing a 'We met on Grindr' happily ever after:

It was too cute to pass up, and it was a chance to finally write a contemporary romance without a bad guy! I also got to play with making my own cover art for the first time, which turned out easy thanks to the beautiful photo provided by Strangeland Photography. Now it's finally done and submitted, along with the beautiful cover below. Once the story is posted to the Goodreads group, I'll post download links and I'll do my very best to make it available for free on Amazon!

Now I just need to get back to actually writing novels and I'll be good:)

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Intersection of Purgatory and Paradise is Available Now!

Available from: AmazonDreamspinner, and other major ebook sites.

Technically, it was available this morning. Still, it officially exists! Doug and Christopher's HEA! More or less...

And I'm late announcing it, but I'm going to pretend I got this done first thing in the morning.

It's spring break here, so camping and hiking had to happen somewhere between writing, promo, and the six birthday parties the minions were invited to over their holidays. I honestly didn't think I'd be putting this post together until tomorrow, so that's lucky at least. I came back a day early because the littlest minion ran into some stinging nettle three miles from the trail head and our car yesterday. It turns out a backpack, water for 4, snacks for 4, and a whimpering 4 year old covered in cortisone is all I can carry.

Now I get to spend the weekend working on Pins and Needles and treating shin splints. The pain is totally worth it, though:)


Monday, March 9, 2015

Giveaway Winners!

My paperback giveaways are done!

Winners of a paperback copy of The Way Things Are:

  • Tanja
  • Wendy H.
  • Alaina
  • Kc D.

Winners of a paperback copy of Holding Out for a Fairy Tale:

  • Ashley E
  • Waxapplelover
  • Claudia M
  • Neene

I'll be emailing winners to get shipping information! Thank you to all who entered!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Purgatory and Paradise is Coming March 27th!!!

Purgatory and Paradise is officially on the Dreamspinner coming soon page!

Least Likely Partnership Book 3

Life is small-town Montana has become hell for former San Diego homicide detective Christopher Hayes. No one will hire him, he has made the seething racism his lover Doug Heavy Runner faces at work worse by adding homophobia to the mix, and his most recent jog through town ends when two gay-bashing teenagers hit him in the head with a rock. Deputy Sheriff Doug Heavy Runner has never overcome the abusive relationship that traumatized and shattered him as a young adult. The memories, the lingering shame, and the fear he has never acknowledged have left him resigned to endure the discrimination he faces in Elkin. But he can’t stand it when Christopher becomes a target for that same hatred. 

When the mutilated body of one of the boys who assaulted Christopher is found in Doug’s garage, Christopher and Doug return from a vacation in San Diego and uncover a tangle of secrets, lies, and tragedy lurking beneath Elkin’s small-town fa├žade. With their relationship at a crossroads, they’ll have to work together to catch the killer and maybe find a paradise of their own.

And in other news, it looks like I'm going to be moving to wordpress or to a dedicated website. Haven't quite decided which yet. As I understand it, posting excerpts that might possibly hint at the existence of sex will be a violation of Google's new TOS as of March 23. so I've got to find a new home on the web.

Also, there's still time to enter my giveaway for a paperback copy of The Way Things Are or Holding Out for a Fairy Tale! Check out the details HERE

Monday, February 23, 2015

Updates and Paperback Giveaways!

Whew, The Intersection of Purgatory and Paradise is done with editing! With any luck, I'll be able to post the cover and official release date sometime next week!

Also, the count down to my next cross-country move has officially begun! I really don't want to move, though, because.... well, Monterey is awesome.

Thankfully, moving is still six months away. Right now, I'm doing general down-sizing while I research which little suburb of northern Virginia I'm inclined to call home for the next 2-4 years. It turns out I still have 4 extra copies of my last two books stacked on top of the printer that I was going to give away. Real life happened and I forgot all about the paperbacks as I tried to wrap up my "grungy tattoo artist meets disillusioned Texas cowboy" story and finish the last proof-read of Purgatory and Paradise. 

So, in the interest of not having movers (who are never as sexy in real life as they are in my imagination) look at me funny when they find me hoarding multiple copies of the same m/m books, I'm doing rafflecopter giveaways below!

Here are the Official Terms and Conditions, which I had entirely too much fun drafting:

By entering, you're stating that you are at least 18 years of age and acknowledge that you are willfully entering a contest for a novel that contains adult themes. By entering, you agree you will not hold the party organizing the giveaway liable for any damages that might arise in the course of reading said novel, including but not limited to: paper cuts, arousal, potential rises in blood pressure, and any ramifications enforced by concerned parents who snoop through your reading material if you enter the giveaway despite being underage. 
Giveaway will run for two (2) weeks from February 23, 2015. Entries will be accepted on and winners randomly selected according to whatever algorithm the aforementioned website utilizes to determine raffle winners.
Four (4) signed paperback copies of both books are available to win. No purchase is necessary to enter/win. Approximate retail value of prize is $16.99.
Winners will be notified by email and will have 72 hours to reply and tell me where they would like their book sent. Failure to provide a valid shipping address after the 72 hour deadline will result in my fiddling with the diction used in the subject line of the notification email to try and bypass automatic spam blockers, followed by a second notification email. Failure to reply within 24 hours of the second attempt at notification will result in a new winner being selected. USPS Tracking numbers will be provided by email one the novel has shipped; however, the party organizing the giveaway is not responsible for loss/damage during shipping. 
While not an official term or condition, the party organizing the giveaway herein referenced would like to officially state she misses the days of drawing random numbers from a Santa hat.

I've only got 6 more months to enjoy this place.... Sadness:(

Escaping from Dreamspinner Press’s Downward Spiral

This sucks. I hate having to post this, but it’s time. Like so many Dreamspinner Press authors, I haven’t been paid royalties owed to me ...