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An Offer From Dreamspinner Press....!!!!

Obviously, the fact that it's taken my this long to write anything that I am willing to post or publish should be a strong hint that I had some self-confidence issues.

Two months ago I finished a m/m mystery.  I typed away, I edited, I agonized over the fact that I couldn't think of a decent title.  There are only so many idioms about running in the English language, and none of them seemed to fit.  I pulled a random sentence from the book, slapped that on as a title, and, with the help of a couple of beers, finally worked up the courage to hit send.  Weeks passed with a minimum of nervous bouncing.  More weeks past.  Dreamspinner Press, the publisher I submitted to, advertised a six to eight week response time and so, as six weeks approached, I began nervously checking my email while I worked on finishing up the original version of Graffiti.

When eight weeks came and went, I assumed that no response meant no thank you. I started cleaning up Graffiti, but that didn't last,…