Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bombarding Fictionpress with Graffiti to Celebrate the Upcoming Release of "A Casual Weekend Thing"

A Casual Weekend Thing is now available for pre-order!!!!!!!!! The release date is May 13, 2013, and the first 20 paperback copies sold through the Dreamspinner Press site will be autographed! I will also be trying to sort out a blog tour, and giving away three free paperback copies somewhere along the way. Those will also be autographed, but it won’t be on the nifty pre-bound vellum paper that those first 20 customers get, and vellum is... well, vellum.

I’m so excited about having an actual release date that I’m going to go ahead and post an extra chapter of my fantasy mess and re-post Graffiti on fictionpress!!!!!!

A note about Graffiti—for those who remember the fan fiction version, Graffiti was converted to an original story, and posted for free because it was a bit too similar to every other story out there involving a sexually deviant Seattle billionaire to be worth marketing...  Someone who was apparently a fan of the fan fiction version (though not enough of a fan to note the identical bylines...) thought I was plagiarizing one of their favorite fandom stories and proceeded to leave me threatening reviews and spam my email. 

So I’m a little nervous making the original version available again.

I’m only putting it on fictionpress, to separate it from the fan fiction community where the fandom version was posted.

Next on my agenda, starting an exclamation-point-addict recovery group and finishing my NaNoWrMo novel before November attacks.

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