Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Interview, Audiobook Giveaway, and a New Contract!

Today I'm over at Jame Lake Novels! Awesome timing for an interview, because I just got codes for promo copies of A Casual Weekend Thing on Audible. She's hosting a giveaway to go along with the interview! To enter to win a copy, head over and leave a comment! The contest will be open for 1 week, closing on Wednesday 7/23/14! 

Also, The Way Things Are is officially under contract! Look for it from Dreamspinner Press in January, 2015! The pic below is pretty damn close to what my own imagination conjured when writing my main character, Patrick Connelly.

WARNING: Possibly NSFW, although a hell of a lot safer than everything else on tumblr. 
*sigh* I like tumblr :)

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