Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm Being Interviewed at LaQuette's Living & Loving the Written Word Today!

June Updates!

Today, yes TODAY, I’m being interviewed over at LaQuette Likes! This is my first author interview, and I’ll be sharing a bit about how I got started writing and I'll be talking a bit about Holding Out for a Fairy tale! Head over to her blog to check it out!

This month I finally finished and submitted The Way Things Are, the story of longshoreman Patrick Connelly and his doomed attempts not to hit on his son’s sexy probation officer, Ken Atkins. There’s a new teaser in the interview here! (And unlike my first crack at novel length fiction—about Patrick’s son Jay and his adventures with spray paint—this one will have the attention of professional editors before it sees the light of day!)

And finally, the third book in the Least likely Partnership series is coming together! With any luck, it will be available in May, 2015! I say with any luck, because it’s summer vacation. There’s something very strange about writing explicit sex scenes or writing about… well, horrible things, with 4+ rowdy kids screaming about video games four feet away.


  1. many thanks for the long interview, it was really interesting.
    i honestly like that "rambling" writing style, theres too many paint-by-numbers kind of narratives based on some idea of "how to write a novel". taking the scenic route makes things seem much more real.

    that 4 releases per year principle that keeps floating around is one thing i have major issues with. its just not possible to write that much and still keep some quality; and short stories arent every author's thing either. its not like this genre is any easier to write than others, especially when the book has a strong suspense/crime plot.
    one can only hope for the market situation to improve.

    i wouldve commented directly at laquette, but that didnt quite work for some reason.

    1. Thanks river!

      I'm definitely not likely to pull off the 4 books per year thing, unless I figure out how to write a novella. I know some authors can do it and they produce some awesome stuff. But there are so many authors who manage a book every two months, and they're just working themselves ragged to produce stories that all feel like they've been stamped out of the same cookie cutter. I think I'd go a little nuts doing that.


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